fredag 9 september 2011

Fashion! ;)

Today i thought i would do something different. I havent really done anything interesting yet and i really love to draw so i decided to share some of my designs with people which is something that i always wanted to do. Instead of just sharing one design i thought i would share a few more since it was the first time.

so the first outfit i was inspired by a sort of retro. I wanted to do a flowey dress but still with a little bit of shape. While i hate wearing turtle necks, they dont look to good on me, i love to draw turtle necks as i think they can be very flattering on the right person.

The next to outfits, i wanted them to be similar. I really like geometric patterns and symmetry so that is what i was inspired by for these looks. I liked them especially the one on the left cuz it was different to what u usually draw so yeah...

i hoped you liked this and if you are actaully reading this comment your opinion and tell me if you want more of this style post

lots a love

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