onsdag 26 oktober 2011

FOREVER and polyvore

heyy guys
i no its been absolutly forever i bet you dont even remember me!!
Lets just put it this way, i have been having quite a bit of homework soo to compensate for not blogging so much i have decided to start uploading my sets on polyvore to the blog which will give you guys a chance to see a little more of my style and things that i would wear if i had enough money to buy them!
Polyvore is a website where you can put together clothes and picture creating a set and i love it! If you are interested in fashion i definently recomend it!
For those of you who do have polyvore i will put a link to mine so that you guys can see it on there as well.
so pls if you do have polyvore go check it out! im pretty new to the whole thing though only got it like a month ago but as i said i am loving it !!

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